Marine And Cargo Insurance

Marine and logistics risks can be complex and diverse, with many clients becoming increasingly dependant upon global trade and extended supply chains. In a changing and seemingly more hazardous world, you need to better understand the risks that you face.

With local and International expertise and presence, Select Insurance Brokers goes beyond providing just an insurance policy, equipping you with the knowledge and resources to be able to provide you with specialist risk advice and proactive loss and claims management services. With this professional approach, we are able to incorporate your specific needs into fully tailored and competitively-priced marine cargo, commercial hull and marine liability insurance solutions.

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Loading cargo into the ship in harbor
First party insuring clauses offer coverage for:

Pleasure Craft Insurance Cover against accidental loss or damage including liability to third parties while navigating in Australian waters. Home Contents in Transit Insurance Cover for your home contents in transit when transported by professional removalists.

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