Plant & Equipment Insurance at a glance

What is Plant & Equipment insurance?

Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance is specifically designed to provide cover your equipment against accidental damage and theft including attachments. It will protect you from the financial costs of repairing or replacing the other party’s vehicle in an accident where you’re at fault.

Policy provides cover for a wide range of mobile plant and equipment types across multiple industries and whether you have one excavator or more, we can arrange to have all the vehicles under one comprehensive policy.

Who should consider it?

Anyone who owns earthmoving, construction equipment or heavy vehicles consider this policy.  Providing cover for loss or damage to your vehicle and your liability to pay for any damage or injury caused by your vehicle (other than injury covered by a CTP policy).

Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance comes with a range of standard features and optional benefits

What can it cover?
It can cover, Earthmoving Plant, Cranes, Directional Boring Equipment, Concrete Pumps & Boom Operators, Generators, Mining Equipment, Dump Trucks and many more other specialty equipment. Depending on the policy that you take out, here are some of the benefits:
Potential benefits  
Material Damage Provides cover for sudden and unforeseen physical loss, damage or destruction including theft for owned mobile plant and equipment.
Hired-In Plan Provides cover for sudden and unforeseen physical loss, damage or destruction including theft for mobile plant and equipment hired in by the insured.
Financial Protection Covers loss of profit that occurs as a result of damage or breakdown damage (if this cover is taken) to a machine which causes an interruption to the business
Breakdown This section covers the sudden and unexpected breakdown of a mechanical, electrical or electronic part of a Machine that prevents the normal use of the machine.
Road Risk Cover for Third Party or Property Damage arising from the use, operation or towing of a registered road vehicle or machine in connection with the business.
Public and Products Liability Insurance Covers legal liability for personal injury, property damage or advertising injury caused by an occurrence in connection with the declared business activities.
What usually isn’t covered?

Each policy is different, but generally you won’t be covered if the vehicle is:

  • Use of a Machine for an unlawful purpose,
  • Persons not qualified/Licenced
  • Wear and Tear, corrosion, rusting, erosion, fatigue or gradual deterioration
  • Use of Machines underground
  • Asbestos &/or Pollution

In addition, there is a deductible/excess.

There are other exclusions which your insurance broker can outline for you.


Customers Earthmoving Equipment was parked up at their Sydney Jobsite for the weekend.

Over the weekend, there was a Major Storm which brought significant rainfall causing the banks of the river to overflow.

The jobsite flooded causing water damage to the customers 4 Graders and 1 Excavator.

The Mobile Plant and Equipment policy responded and paid damages for repairs.

Important note – the information provided here is general advice only and had been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. A product disclosure statement (PDS) is available from your insurance broker. You should consider the PDS in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, business insurance.

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